Color in 3D: Found, Applied and Readymade Westport Arts Center 18.4 - 8.6.2008

According to curator Saul Ostrow, “The works that comprise ‘Color in 3D’ can be indexed to three factual approaches to color: the applied (color added to the surface of anobject); the found (color as an attribute of an existent object); and readymade (color as an inherent aspect of a material). Consequently, we may catalogue Jim Clark, Diana Cooper, Shelia Pepe, Jessica Stockholder as working under the heading of found color; Russell Maltz, Guenter A.Werner, Bruce Pearson, Curtis Mitchell and Paul O’Keeffe under applied; and Lucky Debellevue, Lisa Hoke, John Monti as employing readymade color.”

Ballet, 2007, 68 cm x 140 cm x 36 cm, epoxy resin paint, bottles